Privacy Policy

At we want you to know and have control over what data you share with us and what we do with them. This text (called Privacy Policy) explains what data we collect and how we use it.

1. What data do we receive from you?

Your personal data that we collect, and process is always relevant and appropriate to fulfill our obligations to you and the execution of purchases from our website. The disclosure of this data is voluntary.

In particular, the data we collect is:

a) predefined data when you register as a member, as well as in other fields of our website, such as name, surname, address, date of birth of the member, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, member name, password member. From this data, what is optional is declared by you after your exclusive choice at your free will.

b) your e-mail address in case you register on the list in order to receive newsletters from our company (without at the same time registering as a member).

c) You also state the personal data that is relevant and appropriate for the execution of your specific purchase and sale at any time, such as the full delivery address, the full invoicing address, the details related to the payment of the payment.

d) Finally, with each visit to this website and its contents, access data from our website and partly from third parties in the form of protocol data are stored. Protocol data includes the website, through which you visit our website, the IP address, the date and time of access, information about the Browser and the operating system you are using.

2. Your consent

By browsing our website or subscribing to our website or by purchasing any product from our website or by subscribing to our newsletter list, you declare that you accept and agree to this Policy as well as provide us with your explicit consent to the collection and processing of your personal data referred to in the above article.

1. In case of purchasing products from our website, you provide your consent:

a) By sending a request for an order, you consent to the receipt at the e-mail address of your notifications, which are a precondition for the proper development of your order.

b) to send you newsletters for products and / or services available through our website. You can obtain this consent at any time by contacting our Customer Support Department through the Contact Us section or by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link in any of our e-mail communications.

Without prejudice to the notifications referred to in the Terms and Conditions for the execution of your order (new, modified, upon return or withdrawal), in any case you may at any time obtain your consent to collect and process part or all of them your personal data as analyzed in Article 2 above as follows:

a) for the personal data referred to in Article 1.

b) above with your deletion from a member of our website

c) for the personal data mentioned in article 1. b) above with your deletion from the list of the newsletter of our company at any time.

2.2. does not store data and credit card details, which are managed safely and at its own risk exclusively by the provider of payment services through the website of which the processing and execution of payments takes place. The same applies to payment data used by online payment providers such as e.g. PayPal.

2.3. However, in case of notification by the member, which is made only to our competent authorized employees, as they are the only ones who have access to any information of your transactions, it is necessary to process your request, information of his postal savings account and / or bank account. , the member agrees that will use this information for all possible refunds to the member such as e.g. in case of withdrawal. For the refunds of money made to the credit cards of the members or to accounts that the members keep in online payment providers such as e.g. PayPal, responsible for the processing of this data is exclusively the cooperating banks (issuer and recipient) or the third online payment provider such as e.g. PayPal.

2.4. In no case is responsible for the actions on your personal data of third-party websites from which you logged in or gained access to the Website of

3. Website statistics

3.1 We may collect and edit for statistical purposes or to improve your experience on our website:

Information about your computer, your visits and the use of this Website (eg your IP address, your geographical location, your browser, how to update the Website, the duration of the visit and the number page views).

Information about any transactions you made with us on or about this Website

 3.2 collects and processes this type of information, as well as those arising from cookies used on the Website under Article 5 above, to improve the services it offers to the users of the Website (technologically as well as in terms of user experience) as well as for statistical purposes.

3.3. If you need more information on how to collect and edit your personal data and the above information you can contact our Customer Support Department through the Contact Us section.

4. Taking care of the security of your data

4.1. We take all necessary steps to ensure the security of our personal data and activities, both in the context of this Policy and in the use of the Website. We will make every effort to protect your personal data, but we cannot guarantee the security of the data transmitted to our website (any transmission is at your own risk). Once we receive your information, we use strict security procedures and features in our efforts to prevent unauthorized use.

4.2. To protect your data, uses SSL (SecureSocketsLayer) technology certified by VeriSign. uses VeriSignInc digital SSL certificates. (Symantec Website Security Solutions Inc.), the world's leading company for the protection of transactions and data on the Internet.

Each time you enter information on a website you've visited, VeriSign displays the green lock mark in the upper left corner of your browser, just before the website address, ensuring that your transaction and data are protected. If you click on the above padlock, you can see information about the SSL certificate of

VeriSign is one of the most reliable providers in the world in terms of internet transaction security.

The protection of the above technology ensures that any data you enter on our website is encrypted. The following is the process of identifying the message and the server.

5. Your credit card details

5.1. Our website does not store any credit / debit card information you enter when submitting your order. Prior to the approval of any transaction, you link directly to a hyperlink to another website that uses an online credit card clearing technology under the responsibility of Alpha Bank A.E. This means that our website does not use, for any reason, any credit / debit card information you have entered, as these are not visible on it.

5.2. Please note that we cannot guarantee the security of data, information, etc. which we receive by e-mail. Therefore, you must NOT send us information and payment details via e-mail. However, in case you choose to disclose your details to us, such as by telephone order, you provide us with your express consent to use them solely to repay your order, while our company does not store this information at all.

5.3. When you choose to pay with PayPal, your payment is subject to PayPal Terms and Conditions, and the privacy issues that this company collects under the relevant agreement you have accepted when you register with this service.

6. Third-Party Websites

On our website you can find links to and from the Websites of our partner networks, advertisers and other third parties. These Websites have their own privacy policies and we do not accept any responsibility for them, nor do we guarantee the correct or lawful use of your personal data by them. Therefore, if you visit a link on any of these Websites, we highly recommend that you read these policies before entering any personal data on these Websites.

7. Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics, a Google Inc. website data analytics service. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses the so-called "Cookies", ie electronic data texts, which are stored locally on the user's computer and facilitate the analysis of the use of the website. The information received through Cookie about the use of our website by its visitors is usually transferred to Google Server in the US and stored there.

As far as our website is concerned, the anonymization of IP addresses has been activated, so that Google can first shorten the IP addresses of users belonging to Member States of the European Union or other Member States of the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases is the entire IP address transferred to Google Server in the US and there is a shortcut. Google will use this information on behalf of the administrator of this website to evaluate the use of the website by users, in order to compile and assign to the administrator of the website reports on the activities on the website and in addition on the services linked to the use of the website and the use of the Internet.

The IP address provided by your Browser in the Google Analytics service is not included with other Google data. You can prevent Cookies from being stored through your Browser. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in this case you will not be able to use all the services of our website in their full range. You can further prevent the collection of data collected through the use of Cookie and related to the use of the website by you (including the IP address) as well as the processing of this data by Google, if you "download" and install the Browser -Plugin available via the following link:

Please note that the use of this Plugin-Browser on each Browser and on each computer is limited and may not be disabled or deleted after installation, in order to further maintain the deactivation of the Google Analytics service.

Google's privacy policy is available at You can also block data collection through Google Analytics if you connect to the following Link. In this case, an Opt-Out-Cookie will be installed on your computer, which will prevent future data collection during your visit to our website.

In order to tailor our online advertising to the interests of users, our website uses the Google Analytics Remarketing service. Our ads appear on websites through third party providers including Google.

We, as well as third-party providers, including Google, use Erstanbieter-Cookies (eg Google Analytics Cookies) in conjunction with third-party Cookies (eg DoubleClick-Cookies) in order to be able to organize, to optimize and display ads according to previous user visits to our website.

We use Google Analytics reports to provide offers based on demographic characteristics and interests.

We use the data we have obtained from Google ads that are user-oriented, as well as the traffic data from third party providers (eg age, gender, interests) in the Google Analytics service for marketing purposes and for ongoing improving our offers.

8. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information stored in your computer's browser. Websites can only access the cookies stored on your computer. For example, if the Acme computer company stores a cookie in your browser, Acme may have access to its own cookie, but not to another company's. uses cookies for the following purposes:

To help us identify you from the browser you are using as a previous visitor and save the preferences you may have set when your browser visited the Website. For example, we may store your login details so that you do not have to repeat them every time you visit the Website.

To help us personalize the content and ads you see when you visit the Website.

To help us measure and explore the effectiveness of interactive online content, functions, ads and other communications and * To monitor detailed data and use of the Website and to improve the services of the Website.

You can read more information here.

9. Check your details

9.1. If you wish to have access and / or information about your data submitted to, you can contact the Customer Support Department or download your data directly through your account on our website.

9.2. As part of the security procedures we follow, we may request user IDs such as those posted on our website before we provide you with any information to confirm your identity and to ensure your security. You need to take care of the security of your information, as you will be responsible for any action we take in response to a request from someone using your e-mail address and password.

10. End of participation as a member

In case you wish to delete a member from our Website, you can contact our Customer Support Department or request the deletion of all your data directly through your account on our website. If you are deleted from our member, we will delete any personal data you have given us until your deletion as a member of As an exception, you consent to the storage and use of your personal data after the end of your participation in for the configuration of the statistical data of our Website (after they have first become anonymous) as well as in case of pending order or financial or other pending between of our company and you and up to its full and complete settlement / satisfaction.

11. Communication

If you have any further questions on the collection, processing and use of your personal data, please contact our Privacy Policy.

12. Third Parties

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